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vita & clientlist


»BILLY & HELLS« is the pseudonym for the creative duo comprised of Berlin based photographers Anke Linz and Andreas Oettinger.

The Photographers met in the mid 80’s and shortly after began collaborating creatively. Inspired by the photographs of Irving Penn and Helmut Newton Andreas and Anke started to work in the field of fashion photography.

They stumbled, more or less by coincidence, on a technique that would define their future works. The results were special and surprising. BILLY & HELLS’ photographs exist in a world of in-betweens. Their deceptively simple, straight forward portraits convey a certain complexity. The archetypal characters depicted in their photographs – soldiers, cowboys, nurses – possess an underlying sense of mystery, hinting at the duality of the sitter as well as the fictional world they inhabit.

Seamlessly blending past and present, reality and fantasy, their photographs become a nostalgic diary, purposefully left open for interpretation.

Billy & Hells on Instagram

Commissioned Work
Air France, Audi, BMW, Computer Bild, DASA, Das Erste, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Telekom, DHL,  Guru, Gotcha, GTA3 (Playstation 2), IKEA, Max, Mega Radio, Mercedes-Benz, Monsavon, Nil, Otto, Radeberger, Tetra Pack, Schweppes, Wela, West etc.

Allegra, Cosmopolitan, Donna, GQ, Jalouse, Leica Fotografie International, Max, Maxim Fashion, Stern, Style and the Family Tunes, SZ Magazine, QVEST, Zeit Leben etc.


2003  »dream worlds«, for Camerawork in Berlin
2004  »Tabea« Leica Gallerie Tokyo, Japan
2005-2007 Group exhibitions for Lumas Germany, France, Swiss
2006  »Billy & Hells« department Store in Berlin
2007  »dona,etcètera« Fundacion Foto Colectionia, Barcelona, Spain, Group Exhibition
2007  »Taylor wessing Portrait Prize« National Portrait Gallerie London
2008  »wild west« Gallerie Utrecht Galerie Utrecht
2008  »Sisters of Mercy« Gallerie Utrecht in Amsterdam
2009  »der Eigene Raum« Gallerie Utrecht
2009  »Sisters of Mercy« Luxemburg
2010  »18 Seconds« Gallerie Utrecht in Amsterdam
2010  »Best of Billy & Hells« Gallerie Utrecht in Amsterdam
2011  »In Between“ Gallerie Utrecht in Amsterdam
2012  »The Astronauts wife« Gallerie Utrecht in Amsterdam
2012  »After Hours« Gallerie Fahey Klein in Los Angeles
2013  »Billy&Hells« Morpho Fine Art Gallery at Raw Art Fair Rotterdam
2013 »Mme Gabrielle, Frau Heidi und Miss Jazz« at Atelier Jungwirth
2013 »Look at me« Group Exhibition at CU-1 Gallery in Miami
2013 »Red« Morren Galleries in Amsterdam